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Give to AEDC

Despite being serious medical and psychiatric conditions, eating disorders receive some of the lowest funding rates for research of mental health conditions. As of 2015, the volume of federal support for eating disorder research equated to $0.73 for each affected individual. In contrast, this rate is $58.65 for each individual with autism and $86.97 for each individual with schizophrenia. In 2015, more than 160,000 Alabamians had an eating disorder and unfortunately, this number is likely to have increased since then, as we have seen increases nationally in the rate of eating disorders since the pandemic began.

Your donation to the AEDC can make a HUGE difference in our ability to treat eating disorders!

For example:

$20 provides one of our clients with an eating disorder resource book

$60 covers one session of individual therapy

$80 covers one intake evaluation

$400 buys a tablet which allows clients to participate in a research study

$500 funds a graduate student to receive specialized clinical training for eating disorder treatment

$1,200 funds an entire course of treatment for an AEDC client

$10,000 pays the salary of a part-time graduate clinician, allowing us to treat an additional 15 clients over the year

$20,000 pays the salary of a graduate clinician, allowing us to treat an additional 30 clients over the year