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Employer Opportunities

We offer a variety of recruiting events both on-campus and virtually. You can join an already existing event or request a more personalized event through our office.

  • Table Event
    • 1.5 to 3 hour event which showcases your company's or organization's opportunities such as internships, job availability, and more. A table is placed in one of three prominently located CLA classrooms.
  • Workshop Event
    • 1 hour event where you work directly with CLA students to showcase your company’s unique assets. Workshops can be customized to your specifications.
  • Informational Session
    • 1 hour interactive event which allows you to promote your company or organization's opportunities, such as internships, job availability, and more, through presentations and Q&A sessions.
  • CLA Career Fair
    • Half-day event with a unique approach to student engagement that includes nine 15-minute round table meetings with over 40 Liberal Arts students. You'll get to know the student through more than just a typical 30-second elevator pitch.

Contact for any sponsorship opportunities or requests.