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Cynthia Bowling

Cynthia Bowling


Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development

Dean's Office

Political Science

Cynthia Bowling

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312 Tichenor Hall

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PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

About Me

Cynthia Bowling joined the faculty at Auburn in 1998 after earning her PhD in political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During her time at Auburn, she has previously served the Department of Political Science as faculty, director of the Master in Public Administration program, director of the joint PhD program in public administration and public policy, and chair of the department. Her research primarily focuses on state government administration, public budgeting, and representative bureaucracy. Additionally, Bowling served as the co-director of the American State Administrators Project in 2004 and 2008, as well as the co-editor of Publius’ State of American Federalism 2012- 2016. In her role as associate dean, Bowling is responsible for faculty research efforts and grants, faculty development, and tenure and promotion processes.


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  • “The State of American Federalism 2014-2015: Pathways to Policy in an Era of Party Polarization,” with Shanna Rose.  Publius (Summer 2015) 45(3).
  • “Fragmented Federalism: The State of American Federalism 2012–13” with J. Mitchell Pickerill. Publius (Summer 2013) 43 (3).
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  • “The Effects of Administrators’ Aspirations, Political Principals’ Priorities, and Interest Groups’ Influence on State Agency Budgets” with Jay Ryu, Chung-Lae Cho, and Deil S. Wright.  Public Budgeting and Finance.  Summer 2007.  27, 2:22-49.
  • “Cracked Ceilings, Firmer Floors, and Weakening Walls:  Trends and Patterns in Gender Representation Among Executives leading American State Agencies, 1970-2000”  with Jennifer Jones, Christine Kelleher, and Deil S. Wright.  Public Administration Review. November/December 2006.  66, 6: 823-836.