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CLA Scholarships

General Academic Scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts awards a number of scholarships to help defray the tuition and fees for selected students. The number of these awards and their exact dollar amounts vary from year to year. Selection criteria depends on the wishes of the donors who established them, but many require students to have demonstrated financial need as well as outstanding academic credentials. Many are also restricted to students who are residents of Alabama.

You may apply for college and departmental scholarships through the Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM). You can easily search for scholarships, review requirements, apply, and accept awards for available scholarship opportunities. All institutional scholarships are awarded through this online application. You must complete an AUSOM application once each academic year. Visit the AUSOM website for more information and updates.

For information about university scholarships, contact the Office of University Scholarships.

Academic Enrichment Scholarships for Study Abroad

The Academic Enrichment Scholarship for Study Abroad is a competitive scholarship providing up to $3,000 to CLA students who are enrolled in a study abroad program related to their educational and career goals. To be eligible to apply, you must have completed at least 30 credit hours at Auburn, have an unadjusted cumulative AU GPA of at least 3.0, and be enrolled in classes at Auburn during the term of your study abroad.

Complete the online application. Applications are due July 1 for fall semester programs; October 1 for spring semester programs; and March 1 for summer semester programs.

Educational Enrichment Scholarships for Internships

The Educational Enrichment Scholarship for Internships provides up to $3,000 to CLA students who have secured an internship related to their career goals and who need financial support to complete it. To be eligible to apply, students must:

  • Have completed at least 30 credit hours at Auburn toward a Liberal Arts degree
  • Have an internship offer in hand
  • Have at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Be a declared CLA major
  • Complete the scholarship module in CANVAS
  • If a double major, must be a CLA internship to receive scholarship

This scholarship cannot be applied toward your tuition.

Students must complete the Internship Enrichment Scholarship CANVAS module to learn about the details of the internship scholarship to be able submit a completed application packet. Once you review the criteria, feel free to submit your completed application. 

Applications are due August 3 for fall semester internship programs; December 3 for spring semester internship programs; and April 3 for summer semester internship programs. Applications will not be accepted after these dates. Notifications will go out no later than two (2) weeks from due date.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The OURCLA (Opportunities in Undergraduate Research in CLA) fellowship program awards students fellowships to undertake a research project for one to three semesters under the supervision of a faculty mentor. The amount of the fellowship varies depending on the term(s) awarded (up to 3 semesters). OURCLA students are also eligible to apply for project funds to support travel to present the results of their research at a national conference; faculty mentors may also apply for project funds to support project-related professional travel or supplies. Your faculty mentor will be a tenure-track faculty member who is willing to meet for one hour per week with you to help guide you through your project. OURCLA Fellowships are offered as part of the university's Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program, and OURCLA recipients are subject to the URF program requirements.

Applications for OURCLA Fellowships go through the same proposal process as the Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Visit the Office of Undergraduate Research for more information, including deadlines and application requirements.

Pre-Law Scholarships

If you're interested in attending law school after completion of your bachelor's degree, you are encouraged to apply for a pre-law scholarship. Apply through the Auburn University Scholarship Opportunity Manager (AUSOM).

Theatre Scholarships

The Department of Theatre hosts its annual Scholarship Day in late October for students interested in majoring in theatre for the next academic year. In addition to the AUSOM scholarship application, students must complete the theatre scholarship application through the Acceptd platform to be considered for departmental scholarships. For more information, contact the Department of Theatre.