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Sarah Margaret Davison cracks the code on integrating unique major, minor choices


As more and more careers follow a set path, Auburn University sophomore Sarah Margaret Davison uses her passion for international policy and philanthropy to break the mold.

"I started as an international studies major because I knew the language component as well as the communications aspect and a little bit of the political science field was maybe what I was interested in," she said. "Through my time at Auburn, a friend of mine actually informed me about the nonprofit minor and I really have had a passion for serving in nonprofits throughout my life and just have really enjoyed that field a lot. And so, I ended up picking up the minor the second semester of my freshman year."

But how do those two academic interests intertwine? One of Davison's professors had the answer. He mentioned a study abroad opportunity, Social Impact in Scotland, which immediately piqued her interest.

Over the week in Scotland, students got to visit three different nonprofits. Each nonprofit aided a different group: Scottish refugees, homeless youth and educational programs.

"We got to see kind of the functioning of a nonprofit," Davison said. "What's similar, what's different to it in the U.S. and different fields that are prevalent over there."

The academic advantages were not the only thing Davison took out of this program. The group also visited the castles of Scotland and the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

"I really got to know the faculty as well as other students within the minor," Davison said. "So, it's been really interesting to get to meet people that are kind of hoping to go to the same field as me and wanting to use the skills they're learning at Auburn as well."

Looking into the future, Davison is not totally sure of what she wants to do, but her options include graduate school, public administration and counseling. Most importantly, she hopes to translate her education to her passion.

"I really hope to work for an international nonprofit or at least a nonprofit that works in the global realm of some sort," Davison said. "I am really grateful to be able to combine all of my passions really into one degree through the 'customizable-ness' of the major."

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