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History faculty Melissa Blair, Xaq Frohlich featured in TIME Magazine

Melissa Blair and Xaq Frohlich

Department of History Chair Melissa Blair and Associate History Professor Xaq Frohlich were recently featured in TIME Magazine's Made by History series.

The series aims to provide historical context and analysis of United States current events in an easily readable format. Through Made by History, both Blair and Frohlich utilize their research to transform current event stories into captivating articles explaining the U.S. political and social scene from its core.

Blair's piece, titled "Women Could Be the Key to Solving Biden’s Inflation Perception Problem," outlines the 1948 Truman campaign's focus on inflation, emphasizing the impact women had on its success. Blair writes that the Biden campaign should take note of this prior success and deploy female party activists to aid in Biden's reelection.

Frohlich's piece, titled "Be Careful With 'Nutrition Facts' as a Model for Tech Transparency," discusses the history of nutrition labels in the U.S., highlighting their limitations as a regulatory tool. Frohlich cautions that emphasizing consumer transparency through "Nutrition Facts" labels risks overlooking the need for more substantial regulations to address systemic challenges in the technology industry.

Made by History pulls readers past a headline with articles written and edited by professional historians. These historical experts provide insight into how our world became the way it is, allowing history professionals to apply their expertise to our media.

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