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Isabella Weyerman selected as student marshal for Auburn University's spring 2024 commencement

Isabella Weyerman

Isabella Weyerman, a graduating senior from Trussville, Alabama, has been named the spring 2024 graduation marshal for the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University.

Weyerman will graduate with degrees in Political Science and Vocal Performance with a soprano choral focus. With such widespread interests, Weyerman has been involved in countless extracurriculars, including leadership in Student Government Association, Pi Lambda Sigma and AU Singers.

Weyerman spoke highly of all the organizations she has been a part of, and said, "Serving as the student president of Liberal Arts for two years provided me with invaluable insights into the importance of college-wide support and the significance of fostering connections within one's department."

Throughout her time as student president, Weyerman was involved in the appointment of a new dean to the College of Liberal Arts.

"I had the privilege of interviewing and enthusiastically recommending Dean Hicks when he was one of many candidates for dean," Weyerman said. "Since his appointment, I have continuously witnessed a positive impact of his leadership."                                       

After being promoted to AVP of the Executive Student Council, advising all 13 of Auburn's college councils, Weyerman drew upon her strong beliefs and background in career preparedness to create a new career readiness tool.

"Each College Council develops a website listing popular clubs, internships, experiences, timelines and other pertinent information for every major Auburn offers," she said.

Weyerman didn't stop there. When selected as one of five women on the 2023 homecoming court, she utilized her newfound influence to launch her website in campaign format to further solidify CLA's influence. This website is now being adapted for permanent university-wide usage.

As her final semester comes to an end, Weyerman is writing her senior music thesis, titled "Sacred Music in Public Schools," under the mentorship of Professor Rosephanye Powell.

"This thesis aligns perfectly with my career interests and allows me to delve deeply into a subject I am passionate about and experienced in," Weyerman said. "As a result, I am well-prepared and able to pursue various career paths upon graduation."    

After graduating, Weyerman will begin law school at Georgetown Law, where she hopes to pursue a specialization in intellectual property entertainment law.

"I eagerly anticipate a long, fulfilling legal career deeply rooted in the diverse set of interpersonal and concrete skills imparted to me by the College of Liberal Arts," said Weyerman. "The support, experiences and lessons I have gained in return have truly enriched my life beyond what I ever expected."

The university will host the College of Liberal Arts commencement ceremony at 1 p.m. CT on Sunday, May 5. The commencement address will be delivered from Auburn alums Kirsty Coventry '06 and Phillip McWane '80. Additional information, including updates regarding inclement weather, is available on the commencement website and information will be posted on the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

All ceremonies will be livestreamed, with recordings available on the commencement website following the weekend festivities, and graduates and their families are encouraged to check the website regularly for updated information.

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